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Our vision

At Hanada, every member embodies team spirit, know-how and passion. We believe in the power of the collective to create unforgettable experiences.


Together, we cultivate an environment where every team member is valued and encouraged to grow professionally. We celebrate diversity, authenticity and creativity, creating an authentic and memorable culinary experience for our customers and a fulfilling opportunity for our teams.

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Our values

At Hanada, our values are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in excellence, both in the quality of our dishes and in the service we offer our customers. A commitment to authenticity guides everything we do, from the careful selection of ingredients to the presentation of our dishes. Team spirit is at the heart of our corporate culture, fostering collaboration, respect and knowledge sharing.

Our team

Alexandre Marais - pastry chef

Our pastry chef, Alexandre Marais, forged his experience in renowned establishments such as La Durée. He now brings his expertise to Hanada. His technical mastery and sense of aesthetics translate into desserts that are both surprising and appealing. He is a true pastry craftsman, determined to delight you with unforgettable sweet creations.

Feijian Feng - Sushi chef

With over 20 years' experience, our sushi chef, Feijian, was selected as one of the top 10 chefs to take part in the Championnat de France de Sushi 2024. At Hanada, he rigorously prepares our sushi and our entire menu. His expertise guarantees you a delicious tasting and refined culinary experience.

Why work at Hanada?

  • At Hanada, we foster a collaborative working atmosphere where every team member is encouraged to contribute their ideas and expertise, creating a dynamic and rewarding environment.
  • When you join Hanada, you become part of a committed corporate culture that values excellence, creativity and mutual respect. We believe in cultivating a positive and fulfilling work environment, where every talent is recognized.

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